Monday, June 09, 2008

Here is my monthly submission to my art group JELLY OF THE MONTH .This month it was DC comics.

its entitled "Just another day of saving all these @ssholes"
Please, let me know what you think.



Craig Michael Patrick said...

Excellent work as always, Matt. Love the big, floppy knuckle-dragger arms contrasting the dainty little legs.

But why only one cry for "HELP?" The caption speaking in plural, would it better suggest his frustration with a bunch of balloons?

Just a thought. Excellent work.

Coloring in Illustrator...madman.

Matthew Luxich said...

ya know i originally had about a dozen helps in different fonts and sizes.. when i pulled back tho it made it cluttered and took away from the simplicity of the piece.... so i went with one word balloon with different lines going to it like alot of people were yelling help at the same time... that didn't work to well either. so i pulled back to one decent sized help.

i agree tho if i could have had it effectively work i would have done it...

cmp839 said...

You're right. Now that I've had a second look at it, it's much stronger without the added balloons.

There's something to be said for clean, clear, concise storytelling.