Saturday, April 12, 2008

So i was looking around to find a game i played years ago on what i thought was colecovision and found it... Zombies ate my neighbors! I think this was my favorite console game from the 90s. After this game the formats changed and this pretty much became aged overnight. Here is the trailer(cheesy 90s video game trailer)

AND Here is some actual video footage

For me it was awesome because back then all i wanted to do was draw aliens and monsters and stuff and there wasn't a big market for weird stuff like this... but this game made me feel there was other people out there that dug this stuff and other artists out there wanting to get stuff like this to those people that dug this stuff... now its a whole new ball game and people /kids dig weird monsters/robots/alien stuff again (thank god).

Anyhow i hope they release this on the Wii internet arcade so i can finally play this again... it would be fun.


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