Monday, July 09, 2007

Been working wayyyy too much on freelance gigs during nights and weekends while holding up my new gig over at and decided to splurge a little (not too much tho).. 2 things i have been diggin.

1. Tex Avery's Droopy theatrical shorts

this stuff is way out there fun.. the expressions good ole Tex could get were amazing... and to see what passed for a kids cartoon then and how we couldn't air it now before 10pm is a riot.... Check it out... $22.99 at the local TARGET.

2. Animated Princess Leia statue (by

these staues are great... the fun detail is just amazing... plan on picking them all up a little at a time off of ebay(which they seem to be selling for much cheaper than the price at gentle giant).

1 comment:

rob! said...

is it wrong that i get, um, EXCITED over a statue of Princess Leia?